China’s Hongqi S9 Hypercar Can Go From 0-62 MPH In 1.9 Seconds

When we think of nations that are known for producing the world’s fastest and most exotic cars, China doesn’t exactly spring to mind. But that may be changing thanks to the Hongqi S9, a stunning hypercar from Silk-FAW, a joint venture between Italian-based international automotive design company Silk EV, and FAW, one of the largest Chinese automakers.

The Hongqi S9 is a plug-in hybrid powered by a combination of electric motors and a V8 engine putting out a whopping 1,400 horsepower. That’s enough to send the car from 0-62mph in just 1.9 seconds while topping out with a top speed in the range of 250 mph. A major catalyst for those eye-popping numbers can be found in the car’s aerodynamic design, with innovations like carbon fiber air intakes built into the headlights and air-extraction tail lights. The car’s lines were penned by legendary Italian designer Walter De Silva, the man behind the Audi R8, who maximized it for aerodynamic efficiency. But far from being just a track-focused speed demon, the Hongqi S9 is also intended to be used as a luxury car. It can be driven in toned-down zero-emission mode and features eco-conscious niceties like self-tinting smart electrochromic windows that improve energy consumption. Silk-FAW will begin taking orders for the Hongqi S9 later this year.

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