Rolls-Royce’s Stunning Dawn Silver Bullet Is A 563HP Luxury Roadster

Originally coined to describe horses choice-picked for traveling, the term ‘roadster’ has since become synonymous with convertible two-seaters offering unrivaled freedom and a pure driver’s experience. Over the years, roadsters have appeared in all shapes and sizes — from compact and quick-handling to large and lavish. Now the Brits at Rolls-Royce have unveiled another fine addition that seems likely to go down in the annals of history as one of the greats.

With the announcement of the Silver Bullet edition of its premium Dawn convertible, Rolls-Royce hearkens back to the roadsters of old, employing styling and materials inspired by the 1920s-era brewster cars. In true roadster fashion, the Silver Bullet ditches its rear seats in favor of an Aero Cowling made of titanium and finished in metallic silver. Take a look at the interior and you’ll find a swathe of carbon fiber and brown quilted leather — a handsome match for the silver paint job and dark exterior detailing. Under the hood, the Silver Bullet sports the same 6.6L turbocharged V12 as the standard Dawn, putting out a generous 563bhp and doing 0-62mph in five seconds. Finally, in order to fully capture the roadster experience, Rolls-Royce plans to curate a series of road trips for owners. If you aim to bite this silver bullet, you’ll have to act fast — production will be limited to 50 models.

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