Porsche’s New 911 GT3 Cup Features 510HP & A First-Ever Wide-Body Design

Porsche began production of its factory Cup cars back in 1990 with the 964 generation 911. Built for the debut season of the German Porsche Carrera Cup, it featured race-ready upgrades like a welded roll-cage, a lowered stance, and plenty of interior weight reductions.

With the announcement of its new 911 GT3 Cup, Porsche has unveiled the first variation of the 992-gen 911 developed specifically for racing. And boy does it look like a lap slayer. For starters, its 4.0L flat-six gets a boost in power, meaning that it now puts down 510hp to the outgoing car’s 485hp. When you consider that the extra performance comes while running on synthetic fuels and lowered CO2 emissions, the improvement becomes all the more impressive. But that’s not all — the new Cup car also features a wide body design for the first time ever. In practice, this means that it’s 28mm wider than its predecessor and as broad as 1,920mm (76in) at the front axle. While this in itself is enough to improve the handling quite a bit, when you factor in the additional cooling inlets and the 11-stage adjustable rear wing, it becomes a recipe for total track day domination. Priced at $272,511, deliveries begin in February.

Purchase: $272,511