Morgan Bids Farewell To Gas Engines With An Ultra-Limited Bespoke Racer

Exactly one-century after the company’s inception in 1910, the Morgan Motor Company introduced its retro-inspired 3 Wheeler model, which went on to become the boutique British firm’s all-time best-selling vehicle, with over 2,500 units produced since its launch in 2011. And with Morgan slated to replace the existing 3 Wheeler with a new all-electric version in 2021, the Malvern-based manufacturer has decided to give the petrol-powered machine one final farewell with the ultra-limited-edition P101 3 Wheeler.

Short for “Project 101,” the P101 will be the last gas-powered iteration of the vehicle, powered by a top-shelf V-Twin engine from motorcycle race and performance specialist, S&S Cycle. The P101 is littered with bespoke touches including a single-leaf tonneau cover, aero-disc wheels, low-slung 9” Hella spotlights, alternated black and white ceramic-coated straight-cut exhausts, a fly screen, additional louvers, exposed rivet details, and unique P101 markings throughout. The P101 will be offered in one of four WW2-era-inspired liveries; the Belly Tank; the Dazzleship; the Aviator; and the Race Car. Limited to only 33 units in total, the 2021 Morgan Motor 3 Wheeler P101 is priced at approximately $59,650.

Purchase: $59,650