Montesa Celebrates 75 Years With Its Most Competition-Ready Trials Bike Yet

Despite losing one of its founders, facing multiple economic crises, and eventually selling out to Honda, Montessa remains the most successful motorcycle brand in trials history. The fact is, ever since the Big M first took to the dirt in 1951, its lightweight bikes have proven to be a dominant force throughout competition, racking up an impressive 69 individual and manufacturer World Cup titles in total.

In celebration of the storied Spanish marque’s 75th anniversary, Honda has created a limited edition variant of the Cota 301RR trials bike. Up front, it gets a new red fuel tank as a nod to early Montesa models, while the cover and fork legs feature a contrasting gold “75th Anniversary” emblem. What’s more, it now sports an exclusive livery on the frame and some blacked-out finishing around the rest of the bike. That being said, this isn’t merely an aesthetic update; it’s also packed full of top-notch performance parts. So, in addition to a powerful 298cc four-stroke engine, it also boasts competition-focused components like a lightweight 39mm Formula Tech fork, front and rear petal-style rotors, as well as some aluminum wheel hubs for improved handling. It’s available now for $11,699.

Purchase: $11,699

Photo: Montesa