Lexus & Pitchfork Built A Sports Sedan With A Real Turntable Inside The Glovebox

Concept cars have long served as a litmus test for automakers’ wildest dreams, often exhibiting striking stylistic choices and impossibly aspirational technologies as a preview of what’s to come. And while most of these forward-looking vehicles err on the side of futuristic, Lexus just unveiled a car that’s unmistakably old school in its intent.

They’re calling it the IS ‘Wax Edition,’ with the latter designation referencing the fully-functional turntable built into the glovebox. It’s the result of collaborative project with Pitchfork, DJ and producer MC Madlib, as well as artist and producer KAYTRANADA in which Lexus commissioned LA-based SCPS to design a record player that would bring the warmth of vinyl to the cockpit of a car. As such, this isn’t your average hi-fi sound system. On the contrary — it was first created using a 3D printer and subsequently modified through a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum, with an integrated rotating motor to prevent skipping while on the move. Hooked up to a Mark Levinson sound system, it allows the user to enjoy 12″ records to the tune of 17 speakers, 1,800 watts of power, and a 7.1 surround setup. It won’t be heading to production, but you can learn more below.

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