This 800HP Wide-Bodied Lambo Urus Is The Ultimate Ultra-Luxe Rally Racer

Out of all of the high-performance SUVs on the market today, the Urus is easily the most polarizing. On the one hand, purists hate it, for they see it as the product of Lamborghini selling out and succumbing to market trends. However, aftermarket customizers can’t get enough of the platform, for the extra clearance and added body paneling offer that much more real-estate with which they can work their magic.

Just take this Urus commissioned by Harrison Woodruff, for instance. Dubbed the “Green Urnet,” it sports a completely bespoke jade-colored carbon fiber weave accenting its ‘Storm Gray’ paint job. What’s more, it’s been given a wide-bodied makeover courtesy of 1016 Industries, offering significant improvements in weight, stiffness, and aerodynamic performance in addition to a dramatic new aesthetic. Under the hood, Woodruff has given the Audi-derived twin-turbo 4.0L V8 a special Gintani engine tune, resulting in a further 150 horses and a total output in excess of 800hp. Top it off with a custom exhaust setup designed by Voodoo Industries, interior carbon fiber adornments, as well as an RFS Motorsports star light kit, and the result is a car that’s excessive in a way that only a Lamborghini can be.

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