KTM’s 2021 690 Lineup Gets New ABS For Improved Do-It-All Performance

When KTM relaunched the 690 in 2019, it was heralded as a dual-sport bike that combined a classic, no-nonsense design with a suite of modern controls, chassis, and suspension components. Topped off with an armload of electronic aids trickled-down from KTM’s advanced ADV offerings, it made for a versatile ripper both on and off the road.

For 2021, KTM has updated the 690 lineup in order to make it more capable than ever. It gains features like improved cockpit control and a new ABS modulator, in turn giving riders the ability to adjust their desired braking performance on the fly. For instance, STREET mode comes with two channels of ABS that regulate both the front and rear wheels, allowing for improved stopping ability on smooth tarmac. However, when its OFFROAD (or SUPERMOTO in the case of the SMC) setting is selected, the 690 disengages its rear-wheel ABS in order to compensate for low-traction terrain– a must for riders who desire the most braking feel their bike has to offer. Available in Enduro R and SMC R flavors, the KTM 690 platform is an excellent performer across the board. Pricing has yet to be announced, but they’ll be ready to purchase starting January 2021.

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