KTM Gives Its Flagship Adventure Bike A Top-To-Bottom Off-Road Redesign

Upon its debut in 2015, the 1290 Super Adventure quickly emerged as one of the preeminent offerings in the adventure touring bike segment, packing such innovative rider assist technologies as motor slip regulation (MSR) and hill hold control (HHC). Since that time, it’s only grown increasingly capable, splitting into two surface-specific variants and gaining a grip of add-ons along the way.

But nothing quite like what KTM has in store for 2021: a top-to-bottom redesign that makes it even more adept off-road. In practice, this means that it’s been treated to a complete chassis overhaul, with the steering moved back for more response, the swingarm lengthened for improved stability, and the fuel tank relocated for a lower center of gravity. And that’s not all; even though it shares a similar 1,301cc V-twin with its predecessor, KTM has given it lighter cases, different pistons, and some reworked exhaust, allowing it to shave a full 1.6kg (3.5lbs) off its curb weight. Add to that a new 6-axis lean angle sensor, an improved 7″ TFT dash, and a slew of top-shelf components from Alpina and WP, and it makes for the best Super Adventure to date. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but it’ll be available this fall.

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