K-Speed Arms Honda’s Hunter Cub With A Rotating Gatling Gun Exhaust

When Honda recently updated its hugely-iconic Super Cub, it called on Thai aftermarket and custom motorcycle outfit, K-Speed to deliver a bespoke version of the Grom-engined model. After churning out one of the most successful and high-profile builds of the year, K-Speed leaned into its proclivity for wonderfully transforming the Super Cub with a host of follow-up builds and a full line of Diablo aftermarket parts for the eighth-liter runner. And with Honda having now recently unveiled the off-road-flavored Hunter Cub, K-Speed has opted to throw this ruggedized Cub up on the bench for a thorough overhaul and redesign.

Completed in only 10 tens, the build features a custom stretched swing-arm that allows for a chunkier rear tire and has been paired with a pair of Diablo shocks. There’s also a pleated and diamond-stitched black leather saddle, a new LED headlight protected behind a custom guard made from four pieces of tubing, numerous other bits from the Diabo catalog, and a military-inspired, faux-weathered paint job that extends to the build’s mounted hard case. Most unique of all, however, is the build’s exhaust, which is now a novelty unit comprised of a fake Gatling gun that spins as it ejects spent fumes.

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