Honda Updates The Grom With All-New Bodywork And A Five-Speed Gearbox

Since debuting the Grom in 2014, the mini bike has been an enormous success for the Japanese moto marque, with tens of thousands of units sold in the US alone. And while the air-cooled eighth-liter runner has received numerous updates over the years, Big Red is treating the Grom to its most significant changes for the 2021 model year.

Engineered to be more conducive to customization, the 2021 Grom sports a new flat seat and all-new bodywork that can quickly be removed via half-a-dozen mounts. The 30” seat height, ABS-equipped hydraulic disc brakes front and aft, 12” wheels, 31mm inverted fork, and mono-shock go unchanged, though the 125cc single’s been heavily revised to put down 9.6hp and 7.74ft-lbs of torque, translating to speeds of nearly 60mph right out of the box (with the stock gearing). In addition to shedding 2lbs over the outgoing model, the 2021 Grom also gains a highly-requested five-speed transmission. And, while the model has previously been known as the MSX125 outside of the US market, it now carries the Grom name throughout the global market. Pricing has yet to be revealed, though for more information you can check out the press release linked below.

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