Honda’s HRC Factory Race Division Debuts A Track-Ready Grom Racing Moto

Since its release in 2014, the Grom has quickly become a bonafide cult classic, gaining immense popularity in the aftermarket and customs sector, as well as becoming a popular choice for small-displacement and mini bike club racing. And while Honda has previously been hosting various Grom Cup race events, the Japanese moto marque is now further embracing the 125’s competition use with the release of a professional-grade race kit.

Produced by the Honda Racing Corporation (or HRC)—the same outfit behind Honda’s premier class-dominating MotoGP bikes—the bike is only offered as a complete, turn-key, track-only racer and can’t be purchased a la carte. On top of deleting the license plate, indicators, and other bits needed for road-legal status, the race-prepped Grom also gets a new tail cowl with integrated side number plates and a new saddle, a full belly-pan, rear-sets, lower-handlebars with guarded levers, Dunlop race rubber, track-ready wiring harness, a covered headlight, and the obligatory classic red, white, and blue HRC livery. A complete competition-style exhaust system paired with a new race ECU give the eighth-liter runner a bit more oomph, too. Though pricing and availability have yet to be revealed, the 2021 Honda Grom Race Kit is slated for a release in March of 2021.

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