2021 Harley-Davidson Future Custom Motorcycle

In light of the reemergence of minimalist cafe racer-style custom motorcycles, a lot of classic brands (like Indian and Ducati) have been unveiling more stripped-down minimalist bikes to suit contemporary tastes. Woefully, Harley-Davidson is a bit late to the party. But, better late than never, especially with a release as gorgeous as their 2021 Future Custom Motorcycle.

It’s safe to say that the “Future Custom” name is just a placeholder name that won’t make it to market, but we hope the rest of this bike stays close to how it looks now when production starts. Stylistically refined, this muscular and aggressive-looking bike is just the kind of stripped-down thing we wish Harley had been doing all along. It doesn’t hurt, either, that the brand is promising that a beefy 1250cc engine will push this bad boy down the road. A performance bike for the minimalist motorcycle rider, we’ll certainly be looking forward to this bike’s impending 2021 release with baited breath.

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