GMC Reveals More Features & Tech On Its 2021 Hummer EV 1,000HP Super Truck

Two-decades-ago the prospect of fully-electric versions of large trucks and SUVs would have sounded laughable, but as batteries and electric motors grow to be increasingly potent, the performance of these proton-powered platforms are now rivaling — if not outright besting — their traditional petrol-powered counterparts. Unsurprisingly, this has lead to a slew of major manufacturers developing EV variants of existing models, including GMC’s iconic Hummer.

The project was first teased back in late January when the American marque revealed the 2021 model year vehicle generates some 1,000hp and 11,500ft-lbs of torque, and be good for sub-three-second 0-60mph runs. A new video now shows the Hummer EV will also tote a super fast charging-compatible Ultium battery, open-air infinity roof and modular sky panels, and Ultra-Vison cameras and Next Gen Super Cruise (presumably Ai-assisted cruise control/autopilot). GMC has also announced the Hummer EV will feature Adrenaline and Crab modes, which are expected to be settings for go-fast and crawling modes. A teaser video also shows a standard full-size, enclosed cabin variant and a pick-up version of the electric truck. The grand unveiling is now scheduled for Fall of 2020 — at which time reservations open — with production slated to commence the same time the following year.

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