Elegance & Athleticism Collide In Genesis’ 2021 G80 Luxury Sport Sedan

Originally the sportier and more luxurious sub-brand of Hyundai, the South Korean automakers at Genesis have been quietly releasing some of the best sleeper cars around since they went solo in 2015. And now they’ve unveiled yet another looker in their 2021 Genesis G80.

The 3rd generation of this particular midsize luxury sport sedan, Genesis is claiming that the new G80 exemplifies their “Athletic Elegance” design language — meaning this ride is both opulent and sporty. That’s evidenced by its slick exterior — including its signature Crest Grille, dual sets of Quadlamps on every side of the vehicle, and subtle branding — as well as a lavish high-tech interior, marked by a 14.5-inch infotainment screen and a cabin-width air-con vent for ideal flow. There’s no info yet on the powertrain or performance, but if the previous models are any indication, we should expect a top-end figure higher than 400hp when this sumptuous sedan is put into production.

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