Ford Creates Three Rugged Factory Off-Road Upgrade Kits For The 2021 Ranger

With its rugged construction and an accessible sub-$25K MSRP, Ford’s Ranger platform has become an increasingly popular choice for modification and customization amongst off-road and overland enthusiasts, so much so that the average 2019 Ranger owner spent $650 on aftermarket parts and accessories for their trucks. And the Michigan-based manufacturer is now thoroughly embracing the compact pickup’s off-road prowess via a new range of accessories from Ford’s Performance division.

Offered in three levels, the kits include parts such as upgraded 17” rims, unique graphics packages, Rigid LED light-bars, tow hooks, Ford Performance (by ARB) winch, chase rack, BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, FOX (tuned by Ford Performance) suspension, and a sport exhaust paired with Ford Performance calibration which bumps horsepower up by 16% to 315hp and increases torque by almost 20% to 370ft-lbs. Unlike many aftermarket additions and parts-swaps, this bevy of up-specced items comes straight from the manufacturer and thus doesn’t violate or void the Ranger’s factory warranty. The Ford Performance Ranger Off-Road Upgrade Accessory packages are priced at $2,495 for the Level 1 treatment, $4,495 for the Level 2 package, and $8,995 for the top-shelf Level 3 kit. For more information on any of the three kits, specific contents of each package, or availability, you can visit Ford’s website linked below.

Purchase: $2,495+