Maxlider Brothers Now Offers Extreme Built-To-Order Custom 6×6 Broncos

Though Maxlider Brothers Customs formally came into being in 2013, the Bloomington-based Bronco specialists’ obsession with the iconic Ford SUV dates back decades, with their uncle, Dick Conrad, purchasing the very first new Bronco ever sold at their local Illinois dealership in 1966. Having grown up in and around Broncos, the Maxlider Bros were uniquely prepared for the influx in popularity that the models have seen as of late. And with the arrival of the new generation of the Bronco, the SEMA award-winning shop is offering custom two and four-door versions of the SUV, along with a bonkers 6×6 variant.

Taking its unparalleled knowledge of the platform and applying it to the latest generation Bronco, the Maxlider Brothers 6×6 will be sold with the standard Coyote crate engine, however, the shop will also be offering upgrades in the form of turbo kits, superchargers, and good old-fashion tuning. And, because MBC is an official Ford converter, its customized new Broncos will be available directly through licensed Ford dealerships. Maxlider Brothers Customs is currently accepting reservations on its 2021 Bronco 6×6, starting from $399,000, and aims to begin deliveries around Q1 of 2023. For more info, or to reserve your own specimen, you can check out the Maxlider Brothers Custom website linked below.

Purchase: $399,000+