ECD Outfitted A Custom Range Rover Classic With A 450HP Tesla Powertrain

Range Rovers have a reputation to uphold as being the best of the best, so when it came time to convert a client’s Range Rover Classic to an EV, E.C.D. Automotive Design made sure to source not just any electric powertrain, but a Tesla one.

The E.C.D. Restored Range Rover Classic is the world’s first RRC to be powered by a Tesla electric motor, and it has all the benefits that you would expect from such an arrangement. Not only are you still getting the classic rugged good looks of the vintage Rover, but you also get 450 carbon-neutral horses and a 220-mile range at your disposal. The design experience for the build took 2,200 hours, as E.C.D. had to completely tear down and rebuild the luxury SUV from the ground up. The Tesla-Rover retains the looks of the original classic but is thoroughly modern and even more luxurious, with a Spinneybeck Pueblito leather interior, a state-of-the-art JL Audio Alpine Halo 9 infotainment system, custom gauges, and a wet sanded exterior with a full gloss Alpine White finish. The end result is clean in every way and is sure to turn heads — while barely making a sound.

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