Dacia Rolls Out A Modern SUV Concept That’s Equal Parts Sleek & Affordable

Founded in 1966, Automobile Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer that’s owned by Renault and specializes in producing practical and affordable, barebones utilitarian vehicles. And for 2021, Dacia now aims to show the automotive world that it’s no one-trick-pony by delivering a decidedly sleeker take on a vehicle that maintains the brand’s frugal nature.

Known as the 2021 Bigster Concept, this modern SUV prototype was penned by Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos and features an aggressive boxy design that borrows visual themes from various military vehicles. Badged with Dacia’s newly-revived logo, the Bigster is also the first vehicle to feature Dacia’s new Y-headlight configuration, which is expected to appear on other forthcoming models from the brand. The Bigster is also entirely devoid of any chrome or painted aluminum components or panels and instead utilizes unpainted recycled materials which save on production costs, lessen environmental impact, and afford a unique aesthetic look. Unlike most of the feature-heavy- tech-toting models currently in production, the Bigster takes a back-to-basics approach, with a spartan and minimalistic SUV that still sports a modern and attractive exterior. For more information on the project, you can check out the full press release linked below.

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