Go Green Anywhere With This Rugged Solar-Powered Camping Trailer

With outdoor activities being more popular than ever, it’s become increasingly evident that we need to learn how to recreate responsibly — especially as far as sustainability is concerned. Granted, the added appreciation for nature is all well and good, but when you have to haul your fuel-burning camper out to the boonies by way of your gas-guzzling overlander, it amounts to little more than lip service.

But that was before the launch of Colorado Campworks’ Nomadic System One (NS-1). Designed to be a 100% solar-powered camper trailer, it comes fitted with a roof-mounted 200-watt photovoltaic cell. In practice, this means that there’s plenty of juice to power its various creature comforts, including an electric cabin heater, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, as well as a heated outdoor shower and a dual-burner induction stove. And should you want to upgrade your amenities, there are a variety of packages from which you can choose, such as the ‘Supercharged Electricity’ and ‘Digital Nomad’ options for improving battery life or adding Wi-Fi connectivity. But the best part is that despite its axle-less Timbren 3500HD suspension and beefy BFGoodrich all-season tires, the NS-1 comes in at a svelte 1,750lbs. You can buy it starting from $36,000 below.

Purchase: $36,000+