Bugatti Took Almost 2 Years Just To Paint This Bespoke 1-Of-1 Divo Hypercar

Bugatti is a brand that trades in both exclusivity and excess, for with each car that it produces, you can expect an incredibly low production count as well as an eye-watering multi-million-dollar price tag. To even sit behind the wheel of such a car would be enough for most of us mortals, but for the high-rolling elite, even a stock Divo can be a bit too run-of-the-mill.

Just take a gander at the paint job on this one. Developed over the course of 18 months, it features a unique pattern made up of 1,600 individual diamonds. And while you might think that it’d be as simple as cracking open some CAD software and getting to work, computer imaging offered too much margin for error. In fact, just 1mm of variation would have been enough to throw off the entire design — a complication that almost frustrated Bugatti to the point of failure. And that’s not all — the buyer also commissioned all-new metallic colors for the car, including both ‘Customer Special Red’ as well as ‘Graphite.’ Powered by an 8-liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine, it’s good for 1,479hp and an electronically-limited top speed of 236mph. Head over to the link below for more.

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