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The Bugatti Bolide Is A 1,825HP Track-Only Hypercar With A 311+MPH Top Speed

Since it took up the torch from the Veyron in 2016, the Bugatti Chiron platform has seen all sorts of variants, each wilder than the last. From the record-breaking Super Sport to the ultra-exclusive Divo, the Chiron has shown just how versatile it can be. And now Bugatti has taken the reigns off once and for all.

Packing a whopping 1,825hp and 1,365lb-ft of torque, the new concept is called the Bolide. Its name comes from the French slang for “very fast car,” and given that it has a top speed in excess of 311mph and a 0-60mph sprint taking just 2.17s, it fits the bill nicely. In order to achieve such mind-boggling specs, Bugatti developed new quad turbochargers and engineered the Chiron’s 8.0L W16 to run on 110-octane racing fuel. And the Bolide isn’t some straight-line sprinter — with a suspension setup rated to 3.5 tonnes of force and grip expected up to 2.8 G’s, it’s a bonafide lap-slaying monster. But the most impressive feature of the Bolide is its exceptionally low weight. For though the Chiron weighs some 4,400lbs, the Bolide comes in at just 2,734lbs — about as much as the average compact car. Developed in just 8 months, pricing hasn’t been announced.

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