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Manhart Builds An All-Terrain BMW X7 With 650HP & Armor-Inspired Body Panels

Although many aftermarket automotive tuners tailor their services to luxury SUVs, few of the resulting builds belong anywhere but on the tarmac. Because let’s face it — no matter how much carbon fiber it’s wearing or what kind of quilted leather it’s been upholstered with, an SUV is really only as good as its all-terrain abilities.

Luckily Manhart knows a thing or two about crafting a capable off-roader, as evidenced by its BMW MHX7 650 Dirt Edition. Under the hood, it’s been boosted to 650hp and 680lb-ft of torque, an upgrade that guarantees plenty of extra grunt in sticky situations. But that’s not all — it also sports some modifications to its suspension in the form of a taller ride height and some improved ground clearance — up 40mm from stock. And thanks to the added room, Manhart has given its build a set of 20-inch Black Rhino Beadlock rims mounted with burly Maxxis Bighorn tires. In practice, this means that the MHX7 650 Dirt Edition can easily conquer terrain that few other X7s will even attempt. Wrapped in a custom-designed foil with a matte brushed surface and some faux 3D rivets, it cuts quite the special forces command vehicle. Contact Manhart for more information.

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