BMW’s Impending M4 GT3 Looks Exceptional Even In Prototype Form

Ever the tease when it comes to unveiling their upcoming production models, BMW is at it again with the 2021 M4. This time, however, the storied German marque graced us with the fullest glimpse of the upcoming M-car yet, featuring a livery-inspired camouflage colorway as well as an appearance by some track-only GT3 accompaniment.

Despite the wrap adorning both cars, even a casual observer will note the differences between the 4 Series and its M-powered counterparts. Both the M4 and the M4 GT3 retain the huge front grille of the standard car but gain a series of body modifications — the production car being decidedly tamer of the pair. The road version of the M4 is slated to debut on September 23rd, and although BMW has kept quiet about much of the details, these we do know: The standard 3.0L twin-turbo version clocks in with 473hp and will be available specced in six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic flavors. Should you find yourself wanting for M-power, there will also be an additional Competition version with an engine boosted to an output of 503hp. The M4 GT3 will use a similar inline-six but with some carefully-curated upgrades housed under a race-ready body.

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