This BMW M4 Is A 500HP Sports Sedan Turned Off-Road-Ready Overlander

Although overlanders have their fair share of fan favorites, ultimately, the only limit to their creation is one’s imagination. Anything from an ultra-compact hatchback to a family-friendly station wagon can be rigged for extended off-road living, provided that you’re ambitious enough to pursue such a project. That being said, nothing tops this M4 Camper rendered by popular design enthusiast Brad Builds.

From first glance, it’s clear that this M4 is no longer the sports sedan the minds from Munich intended it to be. Riding on a set of massive all-terrain tires with a sizeable suspension lift to match, it’s ready to leave the beaten track come time for off-road exploration. At the rear hides the camper-sized elephant in the room: a bed and kitchenette unit grafted onto the car in place of its low-slung roofline and trunk. While there’s probably not room for much more than one, in a car this unconventional you take all that you can get. Top it off with a pair of solar panels, and what you have is a performance car gone self-sustaining adventure vehicle.

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