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Bentley Touts The W12 ’21 Continental GT Mulliner As The ‘Pinnacle’ Of Luxury

Bentley is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to luxurious personalization. The company’s range-topping vehicles have continued to represent the very best in lavish touring, and the Continental GT Mulliner is no exception. Just when we thought that the car couldn’t get any more enticing, the brand revealed its 2021 model — the proposed “pinnacle” of luxury, refinement, and craftsmanship.

That’s a boastful claim, but when it comes to Bentley, we have faith that they’ll follow through. Not only does the new Continental GT Mulliner bring new customization and powertrain options to the forefront for its newest iteration, but it’s also been hand-built by the oldest automotive coachbuilders in the world, giving weight to its claims. Buyers will be able to choose between a powerful 542HP V8 or 626-horsepower W12 engine, a handful of exclusive interior styling options, and eight different tri-color combinations, providing unparalleled personalization potential. Aside from the company’s traditional luxuries, including Mulliner Welcome Lamps, 22-inch, self-centering wheels, and a “Double Diamond” front grille layout, the car will also introduce a 400,000-stitch interior design, taking over 18 months to complete. At its center, a Breitling clock complements the vehicle’s tasteful instrument cluster. Head to Bentley’s website for more information on the new model year GT.

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