ABT Perfects The ’21 Audi RS 6 Avant With Carbon Fiber & A Boost To 690HP

In the semi-small world of sport wagons, Audi’s RS 6 Avant is one of the absolute best and seems to get better with each new release. And while the 2021 model year was plenty impressive and didn’t really need improving, the folks at ABT took their wrenches to it anyway, resulting in the jaw-dropping, limited edition ABT RS6-R.

There’s quite a bit going on with this special build, so we’ll get right to those figures that matter most. Thanks to some tuning upgrades, the RS6-R sport wagon gets an extra 99 horsepower and 59 ft-lbs of torque — boosting it to 690hp and 649 ft-lb of torque total. They’ve also dressed it in a bevy of carbon fiber aerodynamic body parts that serve to make its appearance even more intimidating and aggressive — including a front lip, front grille frame add-on, rear skirt add-on, side skirt attachments, and fender inserts. To round it all out, they also installed a stainless steel exhaust with carbon end pipes, they’re offering a wealth of interior upgrades, and you can even add 22-inch ABT HR Aero wheels. Only 125 of these shooting brakes are to be built, but ABT has yet to unveil pricing.

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