Audi Unveils A Pair Of All-Electric 496HP Performance-Focused Sport SUVs

It’s been almost exactly a century since the automotive industry has seen such a dramatic evolution in mechanics and technology, only rivaled by that of the original automotive boom in the pre-depression era. This time around, however, the advancements are occurring in the EV sector, which has seen the bar raised in performance and range several times over in the last year alone, with the latest envelope-pushing player being Audi, which just pulled the cover off of its higher-specced e-tron models with S and S Sportback variants.

Touted as the first production car with three electric motors–two in back and one up front—the new S-specs put down an impressive 496hp and 717ft-lbs of torque, allowing for 0-60mph runs in 4.5-seconds, while still offering a roughly 230-mile range which can be 80% replenished in just half-an-hour. The bodywork has also been tweaked, with wider, flared fenders that give the luxury SUV a more stanced appearance. Other standard fare found on both models include rear-axle torque vectoring, adaptive air suspension, six-piston calipers, and seven drive modes, including a drift configuration. Slated for a release this Fall, the 2021 Audi e-tron S, and e-tron S Sportback are priced at $108,400 and $111,000, respectively.

Purchase: $108,400+