ARGO’s All-Weather Off-Road ATV & XTV Lineup Is Better Than Ever For 2021

Since its founding in 1962 ARGO has been continuously refining its ATV & XTV designs. With each iteration, they’ve become increasingly capable in their off-road and amphibious capacities. In keeping with tradition, ARGO has updated its lineup for 2021 with a host of features that make it unmatched in go-anywhere ability.

For starters, the Xplorer lineup has been expanded from the 500 and 1000 series to include Xplorer XR 570 and Xplorer XRT 570 models. The new 561cc engine puts out a generous 42hp, giving it plenty of low-to-midrange grunt. But that’s not all — the Conquest 8×8 also gets treated to some upgrades. Pairing an all-new 800cc V-Twin engine with the styling of the Frontier and Aurora, the 2021 model makes for a well-rounded option that also looks the part. Under the hood, it comes with features like improved cooling and an advanced ECU to ensure reliable engine no matter the conditions. Last but not least, ARGO is expanding its Frontier 6×6 and 8×8 platforms to include a 650 engine size. Lightweight and compact, it offers a solid balance between size and capability. Available now, pricing ranges from $6,799 to $42,999.

Purchase: $6,799+