This Gorgeous Ares S1 Project Supercar Is a 715HP Corvette C8 In Disguise

Despite having delivered a fleet of futuristic, well-received Lotus sports car concepts, Dany Bahar left his position as Lotus CEO in 2012. Not one to be discouraged, he co-founded Ares Design shortly thereafter in order to quench his thirst for cutting-edge automotive design. Since that time, Ares has built a name for itself as a specialist in hand-built, limited-run supercars.

The latest car to come out of this small-batch Italian manufacturer is the stunning S1 Project. Based on the Corvette C8, the S1 has received quite the makeover: Gone are the C8’s angular bodywork and toothy grin; instead, what replaces them are some gorgeous handmade carbon fiber body panels and curvaceous wheel arches. Under the hood, the S1 is powered by a naturally aspirated 715hp V8 that’ll take it from 0-60mph in a blistering 2.7 seconds. And although it features an American heart, it’s received a proper Italian once-over to ensure its performance is up to par with its visuals. Among the list of upgrades is an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, an Ares Design-tuned ECU, and some double-wishbone suspension sporting forged aluminum axles and adaptive Magnetic Ride Control. Limited to just 24 models, production starts in January 2021.

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