Ares Design Rethinks The S1 Project As An Open-Air Spyder With A 715HP V8 Engine

Stripping a car of its roof can prove quite the gamble. On the one hand, it can be seen as an exercise in minimalism — a removal of one’s creature comforts for the purest experience of speed possible. Or, it can just make for a faceful of unwanted wind. Like anything, it comes down to execution.

Having graced us with the stunning S1 Project just last month, Ares clearly wants to strike while the iron is hot, unveiling a variant that’s just as unique but with much less roof. Like its sister car, the Spyder is based on a Corvette C8, packing a 715hp V8 under the hood and doing 0-62mph in just 2.7s. But in order to compensate for the new topless look, several changes were needed. For instance, two deflectors replace what was once a large sloping windscreen. Designed to redirect airflow over the passengers and into intakes behind the headrests, they create what is effectively a virtual canopy. What’s more, without a roof, the Spyder’s supple bodywork can transition directly into the cabin and wrap around its occupants, cradling them in carbon and emphasizing the open-air experience. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but production will be limited to 24 cars.

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