A Redesigned Siri Remote Highlights The Updated Apple TV 4K

At their highly-anticipated “Spring Loaded” event, Apple unleashed some major updates to the iMac, iPad, and even dropped a brand-new product with AirTag. Somewhat lost in the shuffle was the updated Apple TV 4K, but it’s worth a closer look thanks to its completely redesigned remote.

If the previous-gen Apple TV 4K had a major flaw, it was that the touchpad-based remote could be frustratingly difficult to use; especially for tasks that require a lot of precision like rewinding and fast-forwarding. But Apple has solved this issue with the new Siri remote. Gone is the glass touchpad, as it’s been replaced by a clickpad control that should prove much easier to use. The clickpad offers five-way navigation for better accuracy and is surrounded by a touch-controlled outer ring that allows you to easily cycle through content or fast-forward and rewind with greater precision. It looks similar to the tried-and-true click wheel seen on the iPods of yesteryear, but sometimes you’ve got to move backward in order to move forward. Also added to the next-gen Apple TV 4K is support for high frame rate HDR up to 60fps for silky-smooth action, as well as an innovative color balance process that uses your iPhone’s light sensor to automatically improve picture quality. The new Apple TV 4K comes in 32GB and 64GB flavors, and will be available to order beginning April 30.

Purchase: $179+