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The 402HP XC40 Recharge SUV Is Volvo’s First All-Electric Vehicle

The influence of electric cars is spreading, and lately, the popularity of the non-petrol platform has overshadowed some of the automotive industry’s most prominent releases. That being said, the creative minds at Volvo have arrived a bit late to the game, withholding a handful of innovative projects to bolster their catalog at a later date. Now, the brand’s faithful followership has finally been gifted with the XC40 — the first all-electric vehicle in the company’s lineup.

Garnering the title of Volvo’s first all-electric platform is an achievement, in and of itself; but when it comes to looks, performance, and capability, the XC40 doesn’t cut corners, making it one of the industry’s finest iterations. Below the hood, a pure electric XC40 Recharge powerplant and 78 kWh battery bring over 402-horsepower to the vehicle, bolstering its 4.7-second 0-60, 2,000-pound towing capacity, and 200-mile projected range. If you’re running low on power, the XC40’s quick-charge feature can recover up to 80-percent of the vehicle’s battery life in under 40 minutes, allowing you to spend more time out and about, and less waiting on troublesome battery levels. Inside, you’ll find a premium interior paired with quality-of-life features like the company’s “On Call” services, an infotainment center powered by Android, and access to Google’s entire suite of apps, like Navigation, Assistant, and Play. Look for the 2020 Volvo XC40 to hit the showroom floor early next year.

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