Toyota’s 86 Hakone Honors Japan’s Iconic Serpentine Ascension

It might come as a surprise to hear that Scion’s flagship performance vehicle, the FRS, has waned in sales over the course of its life — especially since, when it arrived only six years ago, it was touted as one of the most affordable street-oriented tuners that the western audience could get their hands on. And while the car hasn’t been the recipient of any groundbreaking upgrades from Scion’s parent company, Toyota, over the last half-decade, the legendary Japanese automaker has just revealed an upcoming “special edition” platform honoring one of the country’s greatest driving roads — the Hakone.

Toyota’s new 86 Hakone Edition pays homage to the renowned Japanese roadway, which covers an 8 ½ mile stretch of blacktop southwest of Tokyo. To honor the circuit’s winding ascent, the manufacturer is giving birth to a fresh new variant of the street-styled FRS (or BRZ, if you’re a Subaru owner). When it comes to performance, it doesn’t stray far from its peers, clocking in at 205 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque, and opting for a 2.0-liter horizontally opposed aluminum boxer four-cylinder engine with D-4S Dual Injection. A shadowy Hakone green paint job, adversarial spoiler, and 17” twisted spoke bronze wheels give the vehicle a menacing aura on the exterior — while inside, tan and black Alcantara seats, trim, and stitching give the 86 a new lease on life. Sadly, it’s not available quite yet — but never fear, the Hakone Edition is slated to release this fall.

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