This Hardcore Off-Road ATV Was Made For The Israeli Defense Force

If you’re a fan of off-road platforms, the Tomcar ATV should be on your radar. Not only do these capable machines offer drivers best-in-class traversal capabilities, but they’re notorious for navigating terrain that’s been deemed overzealous by imitative companies. Now, the company is releasing the new and improved TX line — a series of domesticated platforms that feel right at home in the world’s toughest ecosystems.

The original Tomcar ATV was designed for use by Israel’s elite Defense Force and was touted as one of the most capable vehicles around. Now, to make the ATV a bit more accessible, the company has revised the Tomcar for the TX line. Here, you’ll find three different iterations of the off-road wonder; the TX3, which is a pickup-styled variant of the original platform; the TX4, which adds two-seats, for a grand total of four; and the TX5, a short-wheelbase version of the TX3. Aside from the TX line’s visual differences, their performance characteristics stay the same. Each of the ATVs boasts 17-inches of ground clearance, a fully-welded chassis, and roll-cage, and over 2,500-pounds of payload capacity, making them a force to be reckoned with when it comes to adventurous excursions. If you’re looking to acquire one of the industry’s most acclaimed off-road vehicles, head to Tomcar’s website, where you’ll be able to build your own TX variant for around $37,000.

Purchase: $37,000