This Off-Road Tesla Roadster Is A Next-Level All-Electric Safari Rally Car

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, it’s easy to fantasize about leaving it all behind and going full nomad off in the wilderness somewhere. However, if you’re going to bail on civilization, you’ll need a ride to get you out there — preferably one that isn’t powered by an unsustainable fuel. And that’s exactly what digital designer BradBuilds has envisioned with this Tesla Roadster Safari.

Obviously and unfortunately, this concept is a 3D render and doesn’t exist in real life. That being said, it does actually look like a doable build in the right hands. The Roadster Safari hinges on a quartet of solar panels — on the hood, roof, and one on each side of the roof rack — to keep its electric powertrain juiced up no matter how you are from a charging station. It’s also been lifted to cope with rockier terrain, has new all-terrain tires (including a spare on the roof), a roof rack with plenty of storage, and guards on the front and rear end. As far as apocalypse-ready sports cars go, this is one of our favorites of all time.

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