The 181HP Polaris RZR Pro XP 4 Is Ready To Tear Up The Trail

Thanks to a gracious selection of off-road vehicles, heading into the great outdoors has never been quite as fun as it is in the modern-day, and, to say that Polaris has led the charge for these performance ATV/UTV vehicles might be a bit of an understatement. The monolithic company is continuously upgrading and updating its platforms to provide the quintessential off-road experience; and now, they’ve revealed the most recent product of passion — the 2020 RZR Pro XP 4.

This powerful and provocative four-seater boasts a handful of upgrades to make it one the industry’s leading leisure vehicles, elaborating on the strengths of its predecessors, and cutting back on their shortcomings. To cater to the hardcore driving crowd, the new RZR Pro XP 4 has been outfitted with a set of protective, full doors, a bolstered rear seating area that’s the largest in the industry, and a bespoke “fold-flat” rear storage compartment that offers buyers the ultimate cargo-towing experience. The 181-horsepower vehicle brings a large 20/22-inches of usable travel to the table for adventurers, while a pair of capable Walker Evans 2.5 Needle shocks, a set of 30” MAXXIS Carnivore 2.0 tires, and isolated all-wheel/two-wheel-drive capabilities, courtesy of Xtreme Performance, help to sustain the RZR’s 14.5-inch ground clearance. Needless to say, Polaris has a right to claim the throne of the ATV/UTV world, once again. If you want to pick up one of your own, head to the company’s website, where it’s available for $25,700+

Purchase: $25,700