Microsoft Unveils 4 Surface Models For Its 2020 Tablet & Headphone Lineup

Microsoft has once again added to its mobile electronics lineup, with the debut of four new members of the Surface family for 2020, with a powerful new work tablet, a faster family tablet, an improved set of over-ear noise-canceling headphones, and a brand-new pair of wireless earbuds.

Starting with an all-new release, Microsoft has added a set of wireless earbuds to its Surface collection, taking aim at the likes of Apple, Sony, and Samsung. The Surface 2 headphones were also unveiled, building on their predecessor to deliver bolstered sound quality, comfort, and noise-cancelation. The new Surface Go 2 has also been heavily updated with improved battery life and performance that’s said to be 64% faster than the outgoing model. The biggest news from this reveal came in the form of the all-new Surface Book 3. The most powerful Surface laptop yet, the 3 — which starts at $1,599 — is offered in 13.5” and 15” (1080p touchscreen) sizes, and packs 32GB of ram, a ridiculously fast SSD, tenth-gen Intel Core processors, 17.5 hours of battery, and either a Quadro RTX or Nvidia Geforce GTX unit. Microsoft also produced a promo video entirely produced on the Surface 3, demonstrating its immense capability. All four items are slated for a release later this month.

Purchase: $199+