The Lexus 300e SUV Is The Company’s Very First All-Electric Vehicle

As the rest of the automotive world dives deeper into electrification, it’s become clear that Toyota and its luxury counterpart, Lexus, have been conflicted about a full-fledged expansion into battery-powered platforms. That came to an abrupt end with the announcement of the 2020 Lexus 300e — the company’s first foray into the fully-electric realm, and it’s first EV platform, overall.

As the first platform to mark Lexus’ expansion into the electric realm, the 300e draws an almost direct parallel to the company’s original UX. In style, shape, and form, the vehicle is almost identical; albeit, with a few additional modifications to carry it into the future. Below the hood, you’ll find a 201 horsepower electric motor paired with a 54.3 kWh lithium-ion battery, allowing for over 248 miles of continuous use, while the placement of the vehicle’s battery beneath the driver’s side floorboard helps to keep it well-balanced through a range of different maneuvers. Additionally, selectable driving modes and an Active Sound Control (ASC) system will be included with the SUV to give drivers the same exhilarating feeling as its internal combustion counterpart; and while many of the vehicle’s performance/utility figures haven’t been released, you can expect more news in the coming months via Lexus’ website.

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