Land Rover’s New Defender Crosses 1.2M Km All-Terrain Benchmark

While we all eagerly await the official unveiling of Land Rover’s new Defender SUV, the brand has been putting their prototype fleet through the paces — having just crossed the 1.2 million kilometer milestone in preparation for tackling the rigorous Tusk Trust test.

A global conservation non-profit, Tusk has partnered with Land Rover to take the new Defender across the African continent towing, wading, and carrying supplies at the Borana Conservancy in Kenya. All told, the impossibly-tough SUV will complete over 45,000 individual tests before being offered up to the public. Not only will this endeavor help support impactful relief efforts, but it will ensure the 2020 Defender truly is worthy of its legendary name and pedigree as an off-road icon. There’s still a lot of land to cover, both literally and figuratively, but the preliminary results are exceedingly promising.

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