Keanu Reeves’ Moto Brand Adds 150+ New Parts To Their Cruiser Bike

If you’re a fan of performance cruisers, movie star Keanu Reeves and his partner, Gard Hollinger, have been hard at work creating a line of modern cycles under the guise of Arch Motorcycle. The company is approaching its 10-year Anniversary in 2021, but this year, they’ve unveiled an upgraded iteration of their lauded KRGT-1 — a spectacular platform that’s been hand-built onsite in Los Angeles.

The KRGT-1 isn’t exactly new; it’s been a part of the company’s catalog for a few years now, serving to bridge the gap between modern performance cruisers and Arch’s 21st century, 2,000cc American V-Twin. As such, the cycle remains conventional in all the right ways, bringing an enhanced upright rider position, middle-body footpegs, and a refined silhouette that’s been outfitted with the industry’s finest components, to the table. For 2020, the brand has decided to introduce over 150 new bits and pieces, including an upgraded 48mm Öhlins suspension at the front and rear, performance brake components, and redesigned bodywork to give the bike an acute visual makeover. To bolster the KRGT-1’s control on the blacktop, Arch Motorcycle has partnered with Bosch to introduce a series of new safety features, accompanying an updated ABS system that was designed specifically for the platform. Head to the company’s website for more information on the upgraded cycle.

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