INKAS Upgrades Their Street-Legal Luxury Tank With Smart Features

When it comes to building road-going armored tanks, INKAS is at the top of the food chain. But that doesn’t mean that their offerings can’t be improved — a fact of which the brand appears to be abundantly aware, as they’ve just unveiled an upgraded version of their Sentry Civilian “Armored Limousine” for 2020.

Much of what made this release is still very much intact for the new Ford F-550-based year model — including its powerful 6.7L diesel V8 engine, 4WD drivetrain, head-to-toe armor plating, and a posh interior. But it’s also gotten a lot of upgrades in regards to performance, capabilities, and in-cabin tech. That includes a reengineered and optimized suspension, heavy-duty brakes, and reinforced key mechanical components. Furthermore, the cabin has now been upgraded with smart integration — including compatibility with Apple, Amazon, and Google AI assistants — along with the rest of its opulent and high-tech features. With up to 100% customization to meet your needs, this may very well be the ultimate street-legal tank. Reach out to INKAS for more info.

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