2020 Ford Bronco

It has been several long years of anticipation, speculation, and frustration. But it looks like the wait is finally coming to a close, because Ford has just released this drool-worthy teaser for the highly-anticipated 2020 model year of the classic Bronco SUV.

Basically no information has been released as to what we can expect from the build – no performance specs, no measurements, not even a blurry leaked test-track photo. But, if you take a look at the image above of the upcoming Bronco covered in a muddied sheet, there are a few bits of evidence from which we can glean some knowledge. For instance, the boxy look of this SUV appears to be a throwback to its earlier days, rather than the beefier redux from the ’80s. It’s also safe to assume this will be a hardcore 4×4 capable of tearing up nearly any terrain and, we hope, borrows more than just a silhouette from its early predecessors. Unfortunately, that’s all Ford is willing to give us for now.

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