Eagle’s Lightweight GT Is A Fully-Bespoke Modern-Day 380HP Jaguar E-Type

First released in 1961, Jaguar’s E-Type is undoubtedly one of the British marque’s most iconic automotive designs of all time, and though it hasn’t officially seen the light or production in four and a half decades, the UK’s Eagle is now breathing new life into the legendary sports car with what the boutique outfit is calling the Eagle Lightweight GT.

An even more elite take on the original E-Type, the Lightweight GT is essentially a spare-no-expense, modern reinterpretation of the 1960s model, powered by a 4.7L aluminum inline-six that’s paired with a magnesium five-speed gearbox and differential and is entirely built in-house by Eagle. Good for 380hp and 375ft-lbs of torque, the hand-built engines allow for sub-five second 0-60mph times and top speeds exceeding 170mph. Adorning its custom frame is hand-formed aluminum alloy bodywork that takes some 2,500 hours to create a single set of per example. Tipping the scales at 2,242lbs (dry), the Lightweight GT also gets magnesium wheels, independent wishbones with Öhlins adjustable dampers, and vented discs bit by AP Racing quad-piston calipers. For more information, or to commission your own Eagle Lightweight GT, you can visit the company’s website linked below.

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