Ducati’s Superleggera V4 Is A 350LB Carbon Fiber 234HP Superbike

In 2014, Ducati unveiled an ultra-top-shelf version of its flagship Panigale superbike with the 1199 Superleggera, an L-twin-powered, carbon-framed and bodied road-legal track weapon. Every few years Ducati revealed updated versions of the Superleggera, though today the Bologna brand has pushed the performance envelope once again with the introduction of the first V4-powered version of the wildly-elite Superleggera.

The world’s only road-legal motorcycle with a carbon fiber composite frame, subframe, swing-arm, and wheels, the 2020 Superleggera V4 weighs in at just 350lbs, placing it on par with a 250cc dual-sport, despite its massive 234hp (and 88ft-lbs of torque) output and power-to-weight ratio of 1.54hp/kg — setting a new world record for any street-legal motorcycle. The bike comes loaded with MotoGP-derived running gear including Ohlins suspension with TiN-treated forks and titanium mono-shock spring, Brembo’s billet Stylema R calipers, “RaceGP” TFT display, and a full titanium 4-2-1-2 Akrapovic exhaust. Adorned in full carbon fiber bodywork, the 998cc superbike also gets an open carbon clutch cover, titanium hardware throughout, and carbon winglets modeled after Ducati’s GP16 premier class racer, as well as an additional array of magnesium, titanium, and aluminum billet items including the radiator cap, fork lowers, and rear-sets. The 2020 Superleggera V4 will be limited to 500 units and is expected to cost around $100,000.

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