Ducati’s Fairing-Free Streetfighter V4 Is A Jaw-Dropping 208HP Superbike

Ducati’s genre-defining motorcycles have satiated the two-wheeled community for decades, quenching its thirst for quick, nimble machines and domineering one of the most successful racing teams in history. At the head of this legacy, the company’s Panigale stood in magnificence, bringing a monstrous 208-horsepower engine, sleek, stylish bodywork, and an unrelenting presence to the track. Now, the company has finally revealed the superstar’s naked variation, the Streetfighter V4.

Behind the scenes, Ducati has been hard at work creating the newest iteration of the lauded superbike. After the removal of the cycle’s outward fairings, the Streetfighter V4 was gifted with the same 208-horsepower V4 Desmosedici Stradale engine as its predecessor, alongside the Panigale’s sensational electronics package. The result? A modernized machine that revels in its aggressive upbringing, and one that adopts, and adapts, many of the company’s most lauded characteristics. In typical Ducati fashion, the Streetfighter V4’s sleek exterior was conceptualized to represent one of its favorite characters, The Joker, and takes on a similar persona; calling upon a sharp, slanted LED projector at the front, and a capable Showa/Sachs suspension that’s been tailored for road use. At just 400 pounds, the bike is a force to be reckoned with on any roadway; and thanks to the implementation of an aftermarket race-spec Akrapovic exhaust, you’ll be able to pump its output up to around 220-horsepower, should you feel the need.

Purchase: $22,240