Caterham’s Ultralight Racer Celebrates The Lineage Of The Lotus Seven Sports Car

Caterham has been creating classic automotive platforms since the 1970s, and with more than a handful of the genre’s most iconic European cars under its belt, the outfit’s 40-plus-year lineage is certainly notable. Now, the company has decided to honor the model that started it all with a modernized, up-to-date variant of its first sports car.

The 2020 Caterham Super Seven 1600 was created as an homage to the original Super 7 — a sleek, ultra-light sports variant that was originally produced by Lotus from 1957 until 1972. After acquiring the rights to continue the manufacture of the platform in 1973, Caterham’s ownership of the British namesake began to send ripples throughout the auto industry. Eventually, inspired models would be made, leaving the progenitor as nothing more than an archival piece — until now. With the unveiling of the 2020 Super Seven 1600, Caterham’s retro vehicle has been brought into a more contemporary realm, calling upon a 133-horsepower Ford Sigma 1.6-liter engine, tailored leather upholstery, and tasteful wooden trim throughout. The model will be available in seven vintage finishes, including Saxony Grey, Serengeti Orange, Racing Green, Red/Oxford White, Caribbean Blue, Tuscany Red, and Bordeau. Look for more information on the retro racer and its impending release in the weeks to come.

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