BMW Reinvents Their Premier Crossover With The 523HP X6

When it comes to the wide-world of SUVs, it’s hard to grasp just how many variants, types, and genres there actually are. From sporty, four-door examples all the way to coupe-styled platforms, the well-rounded transport seems to have taken a different route at each subtle fork in the road — and now, BMW’s newly-revised X6 seeks to deviate from its brethren even further.

The original X6 was revealed all the way back in 2008, making it one of the first Sports Activity Coupes (or SACs) of its era — boasting a sporty, coupe-inspired exterior geometry and attractive performance figures to match. For 2020’s iteration, the German manufacturer has decided to aim for the industry throne once again — bringing unique styling, four engine options, and an updated chassis system to the table alongside the brand’s technological upgrades. For most buyers, the X6’s petrol options — a six-cylinder s/xDrive40i, and a V8-powered M Performance M50i model — will be most attractive. Outfitting the X6 with 335- and 523-horsepower, respectively, these updated options utilize BMW’s xDrive system, which splits torque and power between the front and rear of the vehicle for enhanced speed and precision. Inside, a high-resolution instrument cluster and functional driver’s assistance offer modern amenities for the daily driver. The X6 will be available this November.

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