IWC Morphs The BMW R1250GS Into A Stunning Futuristic Hyper-Naked Bike

Ironwood Custom Motorcycles is best known for its signature bobbed airhead BMW builds, with the renowned bespoke bike outfit largely being credited for giving birth to the now-popular genre. Despite still utilizing a donor bike from the Bavarian brand, IWC’s latest work is a major departure from its hallmark R-series builds, with the Dutch shop most recently applying its world-class design and execution skills to BMW’s latest flagship Adventure model, the R1250GS.

The donor has been rid of its stock clothes, and in its place now sits a complete set of angular one-off bodywork adorned in a black livery with Tron-esque geometric neon orange striping, with a suspended tail set in a bespoke tubular subframe, a brawny belly-pan, sharp radiator shrouds, a sleek, angular front fender, and a futuristic headlight nacelle — housing an LED from BMW’s S1000XR — that looks like it was penned by Kiska in 2025. The tank that now houses the 2020 GS’s cutting-edge TFT display, fuel cap, and a sunken transparent case to house a watch from TW Steel, which commissioned the project. Other noteworthy elements include custom hexagonal-stitched leather upholstery on the seat and tank, machined top triple, cylinder heads, and engine cover, carbon fiber fork sleeves, a custom exhaust, a protruding 1000RR taillight, an insanely-trick set of forged carbon fiber Rotobox wheels.

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