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BAC’s Next-Gen Mono Is An Ultralight 327HP Street Legal Performance Go-Kart

When BAC revealed the original Mono, we were dumbfounded by the company’s ability to create such a formidable vehicle under the guise of a lightweight, go-kart-esque chassis. And while the progenitive platform was undeniably unique, groundbreaking, and gorgeous, the fact that it wasn’t street legal detracted from its overall persona. For 2020, however, BAC is, for lack of a better term, back — and they’ve made the Mono even more capable, on and off the track.

Beneath the supercar-influenced, single-seat platform’s graphene-enhanced carbon fiber bodywork, the sleek vehicle boasts a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder inline engine, capable of a staggering 327 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. Paired the car’s optimized 1,256-pound body weight, it’s no surprise to hear that the Mono can catapult from 0-60 in under 2.7 seconds. Improved suspension geometry, an enhanced two-way adjustable damper system, and revised mechanical components are just a handful of BAC’s proposed implementations; but for those who are tuning in just to hear that the Mono has become a street-approved platform, you won’t be disappointed. The newly-adapted single-seater finally meets EU6D emissions and drive-by noise regulations, meaning that you’ll be able to cruise the streets in style. Head to the company’s website to learn more about the $212,000 platform.

Purchase: $212,000